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Why invest in your photos?

I have talked to and have heard from many who find it hard to invest in professional images. What I say to that is you will only be in this moment once! Having professional photos taken by me will capture those moments that are the most special to you and then turn them into works of art that you will enjoy forever. From baby toes, to chubby cheek smiles, to hugging the ones you love most. Invest in those moments!

If cost is an issue do not fret. I accept payment plans based off of what you are able to afford and the amount of time it takes to make those payments. I would hate for someone to not be able to have great images of the ones they love because it had to do with cost. Please ask about a payment plan and book a session today.


Do you accept payment plans?

Yes! I will work with my clients and their needs.

Am I able to purchase more digitals?

Yes. Once your gallery is delivered to you then you will be able to select more images at a low cost to you.


What kind of gear do you use?

I use the Canon series of equipment. The Canon R5 has been the best new edition to my gear!


Do I have to order prints through you?

There is no requirement to purchase through me with the Package One option, although I recommend you do. Professional labs have much better quality. Packages Two and Three you are given print credits to be able to order through me.


What is a "print credit"?

Print credits allow the client to order prints and canvases through me up to the amount that is listed within Package Two or Package Three. Any additional order amount will be an additional fee that the client must then pay.

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